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PAADA stands for Petworth Art and Antique Dealers Association but has expanded to include decorative antiques and interior designers and is also known as Petworth Antique and Decorative Arts Association.
PAADA is an associate member of lapada (London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association), Britain's largest art and trade association.
PAADA represents a great many of the antique shops, centres, dealers and interior designers in Petworth, which is a thriving antique centre in South England.

Our members offer antiques in Petworth for sale and interior design services. Antique dealers include 17th, 18th and 19th Century English & Continental antique country decorative antiques, mirrors, clocks, barometers and other scientific instruments. Also antique pictures, modern paintings and prints and engravings and Chinese furniture and wall coverings.

When dealing with a PAADA member you can rest assured we all comply with the PAADA code of practice as follows :-

PAADA Code of Practice
1. Either show the full price of each item clearly on a ticket or have a book in which the description of each item and its full price are recorded. This information must be shown to potential customers on request.

2. Give customers, as much information about each item as is reasonably possible: for example, the materials from which the item is made, the name of the maker if known, the approximate date of manufacture and any major restoration.

3. Issue customers with a proper invoice showing the description of the item as shown on the label or described verbally, the price at which the item was sold and the name, address, telephone number and VAT registration number, if applicable, of the member.

4. Record all payments or deposits clearly, showing the terms on which the advance payment or deposit was taken and the date on which the balance must be paid.

Members must not:
1. Misrepresent or attempt to confuse or mislead members of the public or falsely describe any item they are attempting to sell or buy.

2. Misrepresent their membership of PAADA as a guarantee of authenticity of any item offered for sale.

Contact PAADA
Please contact PAADA if you have any queries or suggestions. 

We can be reached on 01798 343 621 or click here to use our contact form.