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Petworth continues to attract new antique shops and has the largest number in the South East.  Amongst thes the emphasis has changed. Although there are still a number of good antique shops selling fine or country furniture, their ranks are being added to by more decorative dealers with painted furniture and stone garden items.  

An example of change is Anthony Short Antiques who has changed from offering purely fine furniture ('brown furniture') to now offering in addition a good selection of decorative and garden antiques .   With his lovely large front yard he  has managed to source some wonderful old garden benches, painted cupboards and various statues which have been hugely successful. This is not to say that his fine furniture has been superseded and there is still plenty there for the discerning purist!

The newly refurbished Petworth Antique Market - now much larger - has a number of decorative dealers  including Cleall Antiques, Antiquated, David Swanson and John Bird Antiques.  This has brought an almost contemporary look to the Market which is always a treasure trove ready to be plundered!

The newly opened Patch Rogers Design is a large showroom majoring on Arts and Crafts antiques.   Furniture, seating, mirrors and decorative items from this era make it a great addition to Petworth - Specialists are always highly prized as they invariably know their subject inside out.

Back on the subject of decorative dealers there is Lantiques, Augustus Brandt, Hut, Tallulah Fox and House in the Country which are major players in this area alongside many other Dealers, dabbling so to speak!

As stated there are a host of antique shops in Petworth - some weeks old, some years old and some decades old!  A sign that this wonderful medieval town with its famous National Trust property  Petworth House just goes from strength to strength. Alongside  all these shops housing antiques are a number of good eateries -  chic modern cafes and traditional country inns  plus the now famous Leconfield Restaurant,  another good reason to put Petworth top of the list for "lovely town not too far from London"