Exhibition of model racing cars

Exhibition at ANTHONY SHORT ANTIQUES, Petworth during the Goodwood festival of Speed Weekend July 2016 and beyond

Model racing cars from scrap metal

4 wonderful creations by JLB AR, Borgers Jean-Luc
from Belgium

Exhibition by JLB Art, Borgers Jean-Luc from Belgium

See our exhibition of 4 works of art by JLB Art, Borgers Jean-Luc from Belgium.Illustrated is the Silver Ghost, the last work from Exhibition at Anthony Short Antiques in Petworth during the Goodwood festival of Speed Weekend July 2016. His racing creation number 5 took 1600 hours to build from scrap metal and measures about 2 metres long. The Silver Ghost is inspired on the legendary Ferrari Lancia D50.

From a young age JLB was fascinated  by metal and he likes to work with his hands. He has a metalworking degree. He likes to create things where you can use his imagination but his works of art must stay realistic. One can imagine to get into his creations and drive away.
Because he uses recycled objects he can find his materials anywhere, such as junkyards dumpsters and even on trash heaps. He gives disposed of junk a second live. Remnants of old lawnmowers, compressors and all kinds of other machines are being reincarnated as engine parts in his cars.
JLB wants to create a work of art that evokes the sound, the velocity and the feeling of hair blowing in the wind.
When people look at his art they must be able to imagine themselves driving around in his creations.
Because he's free of mechanical obligations, he can release his imagination fully on his works.

JLB is exhibiting four of his wonderful vehicles at our antique centre here in Petworth for two weeks during the Goodwood Festival of speed and onwards so do stop to see it. He is currently working on his 5th creation. He will also be exhibiting during Goodwood revival.

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